Tigers win Division 3 undefeated

Following the teams 63-80 win at Iroquois on Tuesday night, it was officially confirmed that the Tigers had not only won Division 3, but won it undefeated along the way.

The team have won all 10 games they have played, scoring 827 points and only conceding 442, an impressive feat for the team that only began 5 months ago.

There have been plenty of highlights during our journey to being division champions, including Paulius’ 30 point performance against Iroquois, where he scored the same amount of points as the oppositions.

The team’s first 100 point win, which was secured in a 108-39 win over the sevenoaks suns 2nd team on the 12th January.

And most recently, Evan Longman’s impressive buzzer-beater against the Crow’s on the 4th February.

This has become a campaign the club could only have dreamt of this early into its history, and already winning the division in this fashion is an achievement to be proud of, however, there’s more to achieve as the team compete in the Plate to finish off the season with the double.

This is truly a club achievement, none of it could have happened if it weren’t for everyone involved, from the players who play every single game, to the coaches who helped to elevate the players to this position, and the fans who helped push the team forward at every game. Thank you.

We look forward to continuing this season on when the team enter the divisional rounds in March.